Excel Basics Introduction Video #3 – Arithmetic and The Formula Bar

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5 Dec 2013
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Excel is so useful for small businesses that I’m posting a series of short instructional videos I made in collaboration with Accion Texas, a regional micro lending organization.  The idea is to get entrepreneurs to start tracking their sales, customers, revenues, and profits in a more useful format than a sheet of paper or the back of a notebook.

This is video #3, introducing the idea that Excel can be programmed to do any math you can think of, something which is especially useful for small businesses.


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  1. Bob Mrotek says:

    Right on track. I am using your videos to teach an eight year old boy here in Mexico how to use Excel and he doesn’t even speak English. These videos are so simple and logical that anyone, young or old, can learn from them. Keep up the good work. Por favor 🙂

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