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Ask An Ex-Banker: It's Spiritual Christmas Time!

Ask An Ex-Banker: It’s Spiritual Christmas Time!

By The Banker | Ask an Ex-Banker, Blog Posts, Personal Finance

Don’t feel broke at Christmas – Change the game. Editor’s note: This post first appeared on the personal finance website Make Change, where I irregularly contribute to their It’s Complicated advice column and podcasts! Also, I had previously mentioned my family’s spiritual christmas tradition on an earlier B$A blog post. Dear Ex-Banker: The holidays are […]

IPOs For The Everyman

IPOs For The Everyman

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Investing, Texas, Wall Street

In August I received an invitation by mail – complete with an offering prospectus and stock order sheet – to subscribe for shares in the initial public offering (IPO) of Ponce de Leon Bank, a Bronx, NY-based savings institution where I have a CD. I’ll admit upfront I barely know anything about Ponce de Leon […]

12 Questions To Ask Your Partner About Money

12 Questions To Ask Your Partner About Money

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Personal Finance, Texas

Editor’s note: I really like the 36 Questions thing I read about in the NY Times a few years back, this idea that you could pose these probing questions to your mate or prospective mate in order to deepen the relationship. Riffing on that idea, I came up with a series of Money and Relationships […]

Flood Insurance - A Post-Harvey Revisit

Flood Insurance – A Post-Harvey Revisit

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Insurance, Personal Finance, Texas

Like everyone with a home mortgage, I have homeowner’s insurance that covers most catastrophes, although the list of covered catastrophes specifically does not include flooding. Occasionally I worry because my house backs right up to the San Antonio River. Fortunately, my yard and house are outside the boundaries considered to have a 1 percent chance […]

The Huge Unknowns Of GOP Tax Reform

The Huge Unknowns Of GOP Tax Reform

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Personal Finance, Taxes, Texas, Wall Street

We know a lot less about the recently proposed federal tax reform than we think we know. We don’t know what major income tax deductions will stay or go in the final bill. Nobody does, because it’s a highly contested political process right now. Most importantly, we don’t know what effect, if any, lower taxes […]