Hire Me as a Speaker or a Consultant

Speaker to your organization or event

 I am a practiced public speaker and natural teacher. Organizations have hired me to speak on the following topics:

The exponential growth of your money (for ages 16 to 30)

Irrational ways to save money

What is wealthy?

The Problem of Financial Media. Not #FakeNews exactly, but…

What investing is and is not

Don’t skip the free lunch (for companies that offer a 401(k)

 I can speak on other topics on finance and money. Just ask! I charge $1,000 per speaking engagement, plus travel expenses.


Consultant to your household or business

 I have consulted to financial institutions, lenders, small businesses, families, and individuals.

 Household financial consultant

I am not licensed or credentialed to give tax advice (like a CPA), investment management services (like certain FINRA or SEC licenses), financial planning (like a CFP), estate planning (like a JD), or insurance sales. I sell no products except my time and conflict-free guidance. I call what I provide, only partly jokingly, “financial therapy.” The hardest parts about money often are about figuring out what order to address concerns. I will listen and together we can figure out what direction to go in. For specific financial needs you may need to hire a licensed professional, or you may already have a team of professionals. After talking you may be able to figure out a “do-it-yourself” plan, with some behind-the-scenes guidance from me.

 Before hiring me as a consultant, or instead of hiring me as a consultant, I may recommend 2-3 books to read. The best finance books are a very affordable way to get the information you need, and it may make “financial therapy” unnecessary. Whether you need my help after you’ve read the books will be clearer to you at the end, and you’ll have saved money in the meantime.

 For an individual or couple I recommend 5 to 10 hours of consulting, for which I charge $250/hour.

 Business consultant

Businesses face a wide range of financial limitations. I will work with your business to identify problems and plan and implement solutions.

A confidential conversation with you can help determine the scope and cost of a business consulting project.