Trump Part I - Fever Dreams

Trump Part I – Fever Dreams

By The Banker | Blog Posts

I haven’t slept well since the Presidential election. The Trump presidency – an unlikely nightmare until the night of November 8th – suddenly became reality. Taking Trump Seriously A week before the election, Trump’s biggest Silicon Valley supporter (PayPal founder, early Facebook investor, and Gawker Destroyer) Peter Thiel offered us all some insight.[1] “…[T]he media [&hellip

Giving Thanks for Parks Stars Boots and Duct Tape

Giving Thanks for Parks Stars Boots and Duct Tape

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Texas

I took my 11 year-old for two nights of backcountry camping in Zion National Park in Utah earlier this Fall. A few hours into our hike – still some ways away from our first campsite – the sole of my right boot began to rip. At first, the flip-flop-slap of the loosened rubber hitting the [&hellip

Bitcoin Blockchain and Bullocks

Bitcoin Blockchain and Bullocks

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Texas

One of my rules of writing is to ignore journalistic fads. I’ve considered Bitcoin since 2013 to be a complete red herring, a finance-journalism fad that has no bearing on real things, real life, and real people. Technology people – FWIW I am not one of these – have long been excited about Bitcoin, and [&hellip

College Finance - A Response

College Finance – A Response

By The History Teacher | Blog Posts, Inequality, Texas

Editor’s Note: The History Teacher sent his eldest daughter off to a private four-year college this Fall, so read my posts on college finance with particular interest, and decided to respond. As you can read, his views on their choices are also influenced by the recent election. Dear Michael: These thoughts were prompted by your [&hellip

In Praise Of Dirty Jobs

In Praise Of Dirty Jobs

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Personal Finance, Texas

If you have a fancy educational background, the tempting thing is to go into a glamorous field, full of smart people with equally good educations. Maybe investment banking, consulting, or a stint with a hedge fund? I tried all that. Because I’m a slow learner, I realized late that there’s got to be a better [&hellip