Government as Primary innovator?

Government as Primary innovator?

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I’ve written passionately about the stultifying, influence-peddling, and depressing results of local governments engaging in ‘Economic Development.’ But the thing I like best in the world** is a smart, contrarian argument that shows how I’ve not considered all sides of an issue. Like this TEDTalk for example. We often easily dismiss the government’s role in [&hellip

I Disagree about JP Morgan But I'm Totally Entertained

I Disagree about JP Morgan But I’m Totally Entertained

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A friend and I debated the merits yesterday of Alex Pareene’s recent article on Salon, in which Pareene praises the most recent $13 Billion fine against JP Morgan as justifiable punishment for greedy bankers and a morally-positive disincentive to the banking industry generally. I totally disagree. I happen to think, and I’ve written before, that [&hellip

The Allowance Experiment Gets Better

The Allowance Experiment Gets Better

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More Happy Unintended Consequences More exciting things (to me) keep unfolding from the ongoing financial education of my 8 year-old. A little while back I took all of my daughter’s tooth fairy savings and invested it in Kellogg stock, a wonderful, awful, idea of mine to begin teaching her about investing. Following that, my daughter [&hellip

The Problem of Tax Code Complexity

The Problem of Tax Code Complexity

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With the nightmare US debt default temporarily avoided, let’s review some basics. The budgetary responsibility of the US Congress has two parts: 1. Set spending levels (money outflow) and 2. Set taxation levels (money inflow) Congressional rhetoric in the recent nonsense weeks mostly focused on spending (money outflow), whereas the harder but more meaningful discussion [&hellip


Poem “Investment Returns”

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It’s safe to say that when you’re watching the Red Sox in the playoffs in the middle of afternoon, drinking beer, you write poetry, correct? Well what a coincidence, so do I! Hence, my inaugural Bankers Anonymous “Finance Poem.”  Ahem, thank you.  Thank you very much.   Investment Returns   You CAN get from there [&hellip