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Flood Insurance - A Post-Harvey Revisit

Flood Insurance – A Post-Harvey Revisit

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Insurance, Personal Finance, Texas

Like everyone with a home mortgage, I have homeowner’s insurance that covers most catastrophes, although the list of covered catastrophes specifically does not include flooding. Occasionally I worry because my house backs right up to the San Antonio River. Fortunately, my yard and house are outside the boundaries considered to have a 1 percent chance […]

Carbon Dividends?

Carbon Dividends?

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Taxes, Texas

Earlier this month, a blue ribbon panel of US statesmen released “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends,” as a way to address climate change, reduce US regulations, and to provide additional funds for working-class people. The first interesting thing about the proposal is to note the resumes of the authors, each of whom boasts serious […]