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Ask An Ex-Banker: It's Spiritual Christmas Time!

Ask An Ex-Banker: It’s Spiritual Christmas Time!

By The Banker | Ask an Ex-Banker, Blog Posts, Personal Finance

Don’t feel broke at Christmas – Change the game. Editor’s note: This post first appeared on the personal finance website Make Change, where I irregularly contribute to their It’s Complicated advice column and podcasts! Also, I had previously mentioned my family’s spiritual christmas tradition on an earlier B$A blog post. Dear Ex-Banker: The holidays are […]

Feeling Broke Feeling Whole

Feeling Broke Feeling Whole

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Texas

As a rule, I prefer having more money rather than less. I share this preference with 99.97 percent of basically everybody. Especially in this period between Thanksgiving and Christmas we feel the need for more money most acutely. The American poet Marshall Mathers – in his well-known Cri de Coeur “Mockingbird” – aptly captured his […]