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Never Buy A Time Share

Never Buy A Time Share

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Personal Finance, Texas

Oh time share, time share! How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. I hate the way you are sold. I hate they way timeshares give the appearance of an ‘investment,’ when they are in fact the opposite of an investment. I hate the way financially distressed people buy you. I’ve previously urged […]

Shit Sandwich - Variable Annuities

Shit Sandwich – Variable Annuities

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Insurance, Personal Finance

In my favorite movie of all time, Rob Reiner recalls the two-word alliterative review of Spinal Tap’s unsuccessful second album “Shark Sandwich,” as simply “Shit Sandwich.’ The band members react to this shocking review with resentment, but also with a sense for what newspapers are allowed to actually say. David St. Hubbins: “Where’d they print […]