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UBI - That Radical Right-Wing Idea?

UBI – That Radical Right-Wing Idea?

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Inequality, Taxes, Texas

Last week’s post — on a poverty eradication experiment in Africa of giving no-strings-attached cash — was a bit of a Trojan horse for this week: UBI is the idea of granting all adults a small amount of income, for life. UBI is having a moment right now. Finland launched an experiment in 2017 to address joblessness with […]

Cash Transfers and Inequality

Cash Transfers and Inequality

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Inequality

Markets work great, if the goal is to 1. Maximize total output; 2. Encourage innovation; 3. Reward maximum effort; 4. Reward talent; and 5. Use resources most efficiently. As a result, limiting markets tends to impair one of more of the above, valuable, outcomes. Also, non-market solutions to problems often produce sub-optimal results in one or more […]