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Amarillo by Mornin' - A Stadium Building Story

Amarillo by Mornin’ – A Stadium Building Story

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Taxes, Texas

On February 1st, the City of Amarillo, TX broke ground on their brand new downtown $45.5 million publically-funded baseball stadium, the future 2019 home of the AA-level minor league Missions baseball team, a team currently based in San Antonio. As I wrote about last week, I dislike these public-money stadium deals, for two reasons. First, […]

Super Bowl Stadium Thoughts

Super Bowl Stadium Thoughts

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Texas

In case the broadcast of the Super Bowl on Sunday didn’t make it crystal clear on high definition TV, there’s one very specific reason why the NFL chose to hold a giant tourist event in freezing Minnesota in February. (Hint: It wasn’t for the fan experience.) The reason: Money. Specifically, $1.2 billion spent to construct […]