TPR Podcast Episode #1: I Had No Idea How Hard It Would Be

After years of trying to launch a proper podcast with proper professional help…a milestone unlocked for me! The first episode is titled “I Had No Idea How Hard It Would Be” and I think that is also a good description of me, over the past few years, trying to make this happen.

I am super pleased this show with Texas Public Radio has finally launched.

You can listen (you should listen!) here.

But also, you know, subscribe on Apple Podcast or Spotify or wherever, so you won’t miss an episode.

If you’d like to see a quick YouTube preview of the episode, check that out here:

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Audio: TPR podcast on oil and gas during COVID


The fourth installment of my collaboration with Texas Public Radio’s Paul Flahive, tracking the massive SHAKEOUT implications of the current pandemic. This interview includes insights from Gary Sernovitz, who I previously interviewed and who’s book, The Green And The Black – on the fracking revolution – is very good.

You can listen to the fourth episode HERE!


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The Shakeout Podcast – First 2 Episodes – Poverty and Universal Basic Income


Launched today, with Texas Public Radio, “The Shakeout,” in which we look at stuff that will be, or could be, different during these strange pandemic times.

TPR reporter Paul Flahive leads the Quixotic charge. I look to play a key Sancho Panza role.

People wait in their cars Thursday, April 9, 2020, at Traders Village for the San Antonio Food Bank to begin food distribution. The need for emergency food aid has exploded in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic. The Labor Department said Thursday 6.6 million people applied for first time unemployment benefits.

Episode 1 is here – On Food Insecurity and Poverty

Episode 2 (featuring me) is here – On Universal Basic Income and other Income Experiments.


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