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ETFs vs. Mutual Funds

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Investing, Texas

Mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) do pretty much the same thing, which is allow an investor, with a single purchase, to own a diverse pool of assets – usually stocks or bonds, but also sometimes commodities, currencies, futures, bank loans or other financial exotics. Since they mostly do the same thing, the most [&hellip

HFTs - A Force For Good?

HFTs – A Force For Good?

By The Banker | Texas

I wrote last week that contrary to popular perceptions I believe high speed electronic trading firms are morally neutral, and that’s ok. In Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) terms I hope they are “True Neutral,” while critics claim they are “Chaotic Evil” and supporters claim “Lawful Good.” The existence of a few billion dollars in trading [&hellip

High Speed Trading - And DandD Alignments

High Speed Trading – And DandD Alignments

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Investing, Texas, Wall Street

I’m trying to figure out where electronic and high frequency trading firms fit with respect to Alignment, and how I feel about that. Alignment I mean “Alignment” the way a Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) player means it (full disclosure: I’m a Lawful Good Half-Elf Bard in real life. I mean, in the game. I mean, [&hellip

On Warranties

On Warranties

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Personal Finance, Texas

I’m the least handy person I know. The Fourth Law of Thermodynamics in my household states: “Physical objects that appear to be broken, will remain broken through time and space.” I carry my un-handyness with me through life, including matters having to do with cars. When I came up with a flat rear left tire [&hellip

Getting Started – Entrepreneurship

Getting Started – Entrepreneurship

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Investing, Personal Finance, Texas

I wrote recently that starting your own business is the third best way to get wealthy, after inheritance and a lifetime and continuous savings and investment. But how does one even start a business? What if you’re not ready yet? The British actor from the TV show House, Hugh Laurie, says: “It’s a terrible thing, I [&hellip