Rapunzel and Compound Interest

Rapunzel and Compound Interest

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“Daddy,” began the little princess plaintively, “I’m bored.” The poor thing is trapped in her tower for the Summer months. Wizarding school ended the first week of June, and will not start again until next Fall. Also, it’s a Sunday and her 4-year old sister, the other little princess trapped in the tower, naps deeply [&hellip

Book Review: Inside the Black Box

Book Review: Inside the Black Box

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I read Rishi Narang’s Inside the Black Box as a kind of primer on quantitative trading, in advance of reading Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys. Need for a primer on quantitative trading I need a primer before reading Flash Boys for several reasons. I was an ‘over-the-counter’ institutional bond guy, rather than a participant in the exchange-traded [&hellip

Square's Small Business Lending - Innovative?

Square’s Small Business Lending – Innovative?

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A friend sent me a link this morning to an article about Square Capital’s small business cash advance business. The credit card processing company Square claims to use credit card receipts data to prompt it to advance money – within as quickly as 24 hours from the request – to existing small business customers, even [&hellip

Video: Cool Multiplication Math Trick

Video: Cool Multiplication Math Trick

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The following video will do nothing to improve your understanding of finance (my primary Bankers Anonymous goal) but if you, like me, occasionally have the opportunity to teach math to 8 years olds, you might find this as cool as I do. I had never seen the ‘visual way’ to teach and/or do multiplication until I [&hellip

Some Terrible Financial Advice: The

Some Terrible Financial Advice: The “Emergency Fund”

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If you frequently read articles, books and blog posts about personal finance – as is my unfortunate wont – you quickly stumble upon one of the sacred cows of the genre: “The Emergency Fund.” “The Emergency Fund,” the grown-ups tell us (as in this post that showed up in my inbox yesterday,) consists of 3 [&hellip