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Guest Post: 9/11 Diary from the Banker's Wife

Guest Post: 9/11 Diary from the Banker’s Wife

By Banker's Wife | Blog Posts

This is a guest post written by Michael’s wife about her experience working as a doctor at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital on September 11, 2001.  They cleared the hospital and waited all day for injured victims to show up, but nobody did.  She wrote this about two weeks later. See Michael’s 9/11 diary here   At [&hellip

My Diary, September 11, 2001

My Diary, September 11, 2001

By The Banker | Blog Posts

The Great Recession and the World Trade Center attacks reshaped our country and continue to dominate the way I see the world and our place in it.  While I concentrate on the former events at Bankers-Anonymous, today I commemorate the latter on the 11th Anniversary of September 11 2001.  I transcribed my diary below from [&hellip