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Pass-Through Entity Taxation And New Tax Law

Pass-Through Entity Taxation And New Tax Law

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Personal Finance, Taxes, Texas

Like baseball, young love, and hay-fever, we’ve entered the high season for taxes. New this year, however, we begin to react to changes in the tax reform law of December 2017. The point of that law was to make the world safe for businesses and their owners, who received healthy tax cuts. If you were […]

Video – Instructions on Bank Reconciliation

By The Banker | Audio Posts, Texas, Video

Sometimes I help produce educational materials for LiftFund, a large business micro-lender based in my hometown. This video is for small business owners who want to know what ‘Bank Reconciliation’ involves, and why and how you probably need to do it yourself as the business owner. Hint: Bank Reconciliation has nothing to do with confessing […]