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The End of MyRA

The End of MyRA

By The Banker | Blog Posts, How Not To Invest, Personal Finance, Taxes

At the end of July the Trump administration quietly killed a retirement program called MyRA , intended to help lower and middle-income people begin investing for retirement. Good riddance. If you are of a certain political cast of mind, you might see the end of the MyRA as another hit job by Wall Street and […]

Upper Income People Can't Be Bothered With The IRA

Upper Income People Can’t Be Bothered With The IRA

By The Banker | Blog Posts, Personal Finance, Taxes

Please see my earlier post on The Humble IRA.   Does the humble and homely Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) matter to well-paid people? I remember being shocked in the late 1990s when my mentor Jim on the bond trading floor at Goldman declared “I don’t bother with IRAs because nobody’s getting rich investing through an […]