This US History Sounds Marxist, And Also Basically True

Im_a_marxistCan something be basically Marxist and also basically true? Of course my answer is yes, because Marxism as a tool for analysis can sometimes be summed up as a ‘Follow The Money.’

As an economic and political system Marxism has – so far – been as awful a system as we humans can manage to create [possibly in a four-way tie with Fascism, Talibanism and whatever you’d like to call North Korea’s ‘Juche’ system.]

As political analysis, however, Marxism has much to lend to it. Primarily the view that we can understand major economic groups as sharing common interests that they will, in aggregrate, try to advance at the expense of other major economic groups. This article below strikes me as a largely accurate, Marxist, view of US History. Enjoy!

Defending Wealth in America article.

In other semi-related news, I’m slowly making my way through Piketty’s Capital. Very enjoyable so far, and I’ll do a review as soon as I can.


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