DJT Is Just Perfect

Have you ever seen a more perfect match up between public company Trump Media & Technology Group Corp – aka DJT the stock – and the public persona of Donald J. Trump, the man and leader? It’s beautiful.

DJT post merger through April 2024

It’s huge, and some people still don’t get it. The people who don’t get it should be fired. I would just say that to them: You’re fired! 

Or rounded up and deported. Or worse. It could be a bloodbath. Financially, I mean. Or I don’t know, maybe some other way? 

The fake media will try to focus your attention on the “fundamentals” of DJT the stock: $4 million in revenue in 2023, on a $58 million net loss for the year, followed by a $8 billion value when the merger was completed. Later, the company bounced in value between a $4 and $5 billion market capitalization. 

Did the stock drop in April because it was trading at a valuation of 2,000 times its annual revenue? No, you should not try to apply the low energy rules of traditional finance to DJT. 

DJT is a perfect meme stock

To try to describe DJT from a fundamental perspective is to live in the old boring world.

Meme stock investing – which is what drives interest in DJT the stock – is about the grassroots. It’s about real, American people who don’t need experience with the stock market to stick it to the man.

Yeah sure, DJT the stock is volatile. Over the course of a week in mid-April it’s gone up or down by at least 15 percent a day, multiple times. That’s what keeps people talking about it, like its namesake. People can’t get enough of Trump, it’s exciting.

The Wall Street elites can talk about fundamentals until they are bleeding out of their eyeballs or their wherevers. 


As a meme stock, the point in buying DJT is not to turn a profit. The point is to band together in a show of solidarity against the enemies of Trump, who are also incidentally the enemies of grassroots real Americans. What matters is faith. If everyone works together and buys DJT, it can’t go down. It’s as simple as that.

When everybody is against him, that’s the point of maximum power for Trump. Because if the stock begins to rise, the elites have to cover their shorts, and they can lose, literally, an unlimited amount of money. That’s how it works with heavily-shorted stocks. When all the hedge funds and big boys are short, that is when grassroots real Americans show their faith in Greatness, and Trump. We saw that with meme stocks like AMC and Gamestop in 2021. We’ll see it again with DJT. Can you imagine if it comes out that Nancy Pelosi and George Soros have shorted DJT? I’m not saying they did. I’m just saying that would be a sweet day of reckoning.

Trump in 2013 with Aras Aragalov, Putin-linked billionaire, for Miss Universe Moscow

Next they’ll say the Russians are buying DJT. The Russians, the Russians! Always the Russians. They probably are, who cares? That’s a big beautiful country too. Beautiful women. Christians, I’m told. Trump even hosted a Miss Universe pageant there in 2013 and met all the important leaders then.

DJT built on fraud?

Like its namesake, DJT the stock has been in a series of byzantine legal tangles. 

When DJT’s predecessor company was just a blank-check company called Digital World Acquisition Corp prior to the merger with Truth Social, the company and people around it allegedly broke some laws. 

In July 2023 the SEC settled accusations that insiders had fraudulently purchased DWAC shares with knowledge of a merger with Trump’s Truth Social business for $18 million. 

Three other investors were accused in June 2023 of making $22 million of illegal profit from insider trading on advance knowledge of the merger. That’s a lot more illegal profit than the company had revenue in 2023.

If supporters of the Law and Order party regularly dismiss accusations, arrests, settlements, and convictions for fraud, does that mean we should doubt the sincerity of either DJT the stock or Donald Trump the leader? No. It just means that we need to root out the deep state swamp things in the SEC and FBI who have a not-so-hidden agenda. Law enforcement officers will do anything to try to attack Trump, which is very unfair.

Under the next Trump presidency, those very nasty prosecutors at the SEC and FBI will hopefully be taken care of, so we can get back to backing the blue and having Law and Order again.

The stock swoons in mid-April as more shares will trade soon

Now, as is only correct, Trump the man currently owns nearly 60 percent of DJT the stock. This briefly gave him in March 2023 a 4.8 billion net-worth bump, on paper. 

As of this writing, the stock is sharply down to $5 billion from an approximately $8 billion valuation, after it merged with Truth Social. 

[****Ric – we can check this market cap mid-week before publishing? It’s been super-duper volatile.]

Company filings on April 15 described a large supply of additional DJT shares that may soon become available to trade. 

As of now, less than 29 million shares of DJT freely trade in the marketplace. 

By September 2024 there will be roughly 200 million tradable shares of DJT. Trump the man owns 79 million total, with rights to acquire another 36 million. Other insiders own 30 million with rights to acquire another 4 million shares. 

Under ordinary rules for a company going public, Trump and the other insiders cannot sell any of their stakes in the company until September, after a 6-month lockup. Should those rules apply to Trump? Is it fair to apply rules in an extremely unfair-to-Trump world? You tell me. Maybe the board of directors can look into this.

Does this have all the makings of a classic pump and dump stock fraud? What makes you think that?

A recent filing by DJT the company notes that “Because President Donald J Trump is a candidate for President, he may, subject to the Lock-Up Period, divest his interest in Truth Social.” I have long admired his willingness to divest his business interests to avoid any possible conflict of interest, so it just makes sense that he may need to abruptly sell his company shares in September 2024 due to his imminent election to the Presidency. 

Did the stock drop in April because of the expectation that Trump will sell his shares, cleverly taking advantage of the blind faith of his supporters and leaving them holding an empty bag? Why would you say that?

Trump’s ability to shift losses onto others while preserving his own financial viability is interpreted by his supporters as entrepreneurial cleverness rather than recognized as venal.

This assumption of cleverness rather than venality covers a lot of Trump history, such as the bankruptcy of Trump Taj Mahal in 1991, Trump Plaza in 1992, Trump Hotel and Casino Resorts in 2004, and Trump Entertainment Resorts in 2009. Plus, the failure of various brands – steaks, wine – and the fraud settlement for Trump University.

What part about Trump’s long history of bankruptcies, plus refusing to pay workers and creditors, makes you think he would abruptly offload his stock on his most loyal supporters now? I just can’t believe he would do that to them. Literally in September 2024. Or sooner, if the company’s directors allow him.

If the end result of sticking it to the man by disregarding any rules about earnings or profits or an authentic business is that regular real grassroots Americans are eagerly fleeced, and the self-marketing genius who inherited his real estate fortune from Daddy gets his net worth inflated by a few billion dollars in the process, well that’s just further evidence of his cleverness, no?

This DJT meme stock is just perfect.

A version of this post ran in the San Antonio Express News and Houston Chronicle

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