Chatting Trump, Uber, and Buy Low-Sell High


Greg Jefferson and I recorded a short conversation, that may be of interest. The whole ‘Facebook Live’ video is here, with shorter YouTube clip versions below, broken out by topic.

  1. We discussed the inaugural post of Greg’s blog, in which he explains why his hometown Muncie, Indiana is a great place for Trump to gather support. While the commentariat generally cannot imagine anyone voting for Trump, Greg could easily imagine his grandmother warming to his combination of xenophobia/racism, response to economic malaise, and a need to “Make America Great Again.” The discussion of Greg’s Trump blog-post here:


2. I gave a brief recap of why the classic “Buy Low/Sell High” is a horrible piece of financial advice. My post riffs off another person’s blog, which is linked to here. There’s some other high-quality stuff on that “Outlook Zen” blogsite I recently came across, so it’s worth a look.


3. The best thing I’ve ever read about Fintech was this blog post. Complaining about existing regulation seems to be the major business strategy of Uber, is the point of that post, under “Strategy #5.” This came up recently because Austin, TX voted to enforce existing regulation of its legacy taxi business. That will cause Uber/Lyft to pick up their ball and go home, at least until their lobby regroups and overwhelms Austin. San Antonians, always the lame sibling to Austin, are obviously rejoicing that – for once – we’ve solved a problem one year ahead of Austin.





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