Video (Debut!) on Plutocrats & the Forbes Billionaire list

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6 Mar 2013
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I sat down yesterday for a conversation over coffee with Elaine Wolff, the Editor and Founder of Plaza de Armas, a smart, San Antonio-based news and commentary site.

We covered the Forbes Billionaire list, my recent review of Chrystia Freeland’s Book Plutocrats, elite legitimacy, and the profitability of new media.

The conversation starts at 59:40 and runs to 1:11:42


max headroom

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  1. Bob Mrotek says:

    Michael, You were great! I am a big fan. You are like an ombudsman for the “rest of us”. I think that you should have your own show.

  2. Jorge Oria says:

    Really enjoyed the interview, particularly the analysis about the legitimacy of the plutocrats, and how they are viewed by the rest of their compatriots. Best, Jorge

  3. Anais says:

    Articulate as always, Michael. My only disappointment in this informative conversation was that you didn’t make that Max Headroom face at the end!

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