Video: Interview with Pawn Shop Owner turned Politico

Taking a break from commenting on Wall Street, the Dow’s highs and personal finance topics, I recorded a show yesterday with San Antonio, TX-based smart commentary site, Plaza de Armas.

A friend and fellow small finance business owner Shirley Gonzales announced her candidacy for San Antonio City Council, District 5.  Shirley had previously introduced me to her Pawn Shop on a podcast, and explained the frustrations of trying to make something nice in her neighborhood.

shirley gonzales

On the video:

0:00 to 5:15 – Plaza de Armas Host Elaine Wolff and I speak about Gonzales’ candidacy.

5:45 to 12:25 – I share a coffee with Gonzales.  She speaks about her vision for her district, zoning frustrations, and the most important day of her life, which had happened 2 days before.

13:15 – 17:50 Wolff, Plaza de Armas contributor Jade Esteban Estrada and I talk about the revitilization of downtown San Antonio, and I explain the most important real estate ‘Buy’ signal ever.

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2 Replies to “Video: Interview with Pawn Shop Owner turned Politico”

  1. Ah yes the soft approach to local politics, this is why our district is in such disarray because nobody wants to take the tough questions to the people. I am not afraid of getting the real perspective on our issues but nobody wants to hear the aspect of our issues from someone like me because I don’t abide by the status quo of our local political facade where the game remains the same!

    1. You are a candidate, right? Would you like to be more specific? Fire away and tell us “the real perspective.”

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