Who Are Bankers Anonymous Readers? July 2013 Edition

hFB76FDE1Here I continue my ongoing analysis of Big Data to determine profiles of Bankers Anonymous readers, which I previously did based on May and June statistics from Amazon.com.

Readers of Bankers Anonymous in July 2013 mostly stuck to personal finance and Wall Street finance books, which makes perfect sense to me.  I’ve been focusing on these myself.

One reader bought a copy of 25 Myths You’ve Got to Avoid – If You Want to Manage Your Money Right, by Jonathan Clements, which I heartily endorse, and another reader (possibly the same one?) bought The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need, by Andrew Tobias, which I also recommend highly.

The other books purchased include ones I’ve not yet read, so I’m pleased to see what else I might like to try next.

One clearly superior reader purchased Voltaire’s Micromegas, which is described as:

[A] short story by the French philosopher and satirist Voltaire. It is a significant development in the history of literature because, along with Voltaire’s story “Plato’s Dream”, it is a seminal work in the genre of science fiction.

The tale recounts the visit to Earth of a being from a planet circling the star Sirius, and of his companion from the planet Saturn.

In short, it looks awesome.

I’m sorry to say nobody purchased any Zubaz pants this month, but I do recommend them highly at least based on the product reviews to go with them.

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