Video: Interview with Pawn Shop Owner turned Politico

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13 Mar 2013
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Taking a break from commenting on Wall Street, the Dow’s highs and personal finance topics, I recorded a show yesterday with San Antonio, TX-based smart commentary site, Plaza de Armas.

A friend and fellow small finance business owner Shirley Gonzales announced her candidacy for San Antonio City Council, District 5.  Shirley had previously introduced me to her Pawn Shop on a podcast, and explained the frustrations of trying to make something nice in her neighborhood.

shirley gonzales

On the video:

0:00 to 5:15 – Plaza de Armas Host Elaine Wolff and I speak about Gonzales’ candidacy.

5:45 to 12:25 – I share a coffee with Gonzales.  She speaks about her vision for her district, zoning frustrations, and the most important day of her life, which had happened 2 days before.

13:15 – 17:50 Wolff, Plaza de Armas contributor Jade Esteban Estrada and I talk about the revitilization of downtown San Antonio, and I explain the most important real estate ‘Buy’ signal ever.

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  1. Frank Ramirez says:

    Ah yes the soft approach to local politics, this is why our district is in such disarray because nobody wants to take the tough questions to the people. I am not afraid of getting the real perspective on our issues but nobody wants to hear the aspect of our issues from someone like me because I don’t abide by the status quo of our local political facade where the game remains the same!

    • The Banker says:

      You are a candidate, right? Would you like to be more specific? Fire away and tell us “the real perspective.”

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