Excel Basics Video #1: Introduction for Small Business Owners

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27 Nov 2013
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Lately I’ve been working with Accion Texas, a regional micro lender organization, to produce educational videos for entrepreneurs.  Below is an introduction to the first series of six videos, which covers the first steps in using Excel, such as how to open up a workbook, how to begin to format a worksheet, and how to program simple math in your spreadsheet.

The next series of videos – still to be produced – will be on how a small business owner can use Excel to tracks costs and revenues, and how to model future growth.

I’ll be posting the basic introductory series of six videos here in the next few days and weeks.

Eventually I hope to work my way up to showing how Excel helps us calculate key personal finance topics, such as modeling a home loan or car loan, calculating compound interest, and discounted cash flows.

One of the advantages of this very basic series is that – for anyone who has never used Excel but wants to learn those advanced skills – here’s a way to jump on the surfboard while the waves still move very slowly.

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  1. Bob Mrotek says:

    Excellent idea! Nooooow you’re cooking with gas!

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