Video For Entrepreneurs: Tracking Startup Capital in a Spreadsheet

Startup-resources-videoI periodically produce instructional videos for a local micro lender named Accion Texas. They support and lend to young and startup companies that might otherwise get overlooked by the traditional banking industry. In fact one of the key conditions of being an Accion Texas customer is a prior rejection for a bank loan application.

The point of this video I made is to introduce Accion’s customers and potential customers to the value of tracking your startup costs in a spreadsheet. Since I am a huge proponent of entrepreneurship for building wealth, and since many entrepreneurs are not necessarily spreadsheet whizzes, I figured this may have appeal beyond just Accion Texas customers. I hope it will be useful to you.


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Excel Basics Introduction Video #5 – Formatting

Small business owners need to know how to organize their customers, costs, revenues, loans, financial information, and more in spreadsheet format.  This video, #5 in a  series produced for a regional micro lending organization, continues to introduce key skills to help you get started with Excel.  Formatting cells, columns, and rows saves a ton of time and will serve you well as you grow your business.


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